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Steampunk Screensavers

In my ongoing fascination with the Neo-Victorian “steampunk” art movement, I have started to become aware of the shear volume of interest there is surrounding the idea. The internet is full of interested individuals, there are a number of newer movies being made that borrow from the same inspirational pool, as well as a few RPG, COSPLAY, and LARP games that have sprung up in the past few years. Yet, despite this, there is a surprisingly small quantity of “steampunk” styled desktop wallpapers (www.steampunkwallpaper.com seems to have the largest collection I’ve seen so far). Even fewer still are the number of steampunk cell phone wallpapers (I still haven’t found a decent source), and steampunk screen savers are all but nonexistent. This got me thinking. Instead of crawling the internet looking for the previously mentioned graphic imagery, why not create my own?
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Make thy cheese

­When you buy milk at the grocery store, you probably look pretty carefully at the expiration date. It’s not that it might be bad; it’s that you need to make sure you can finish it all before then. But what if you could just buy a whole gallon and not worry about drinking it all in a week? Making your own cheese means never having to throw out milk again. It means turning all that healthy dairy goodness into a yummy, preserved-milk treat.
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The Accidental Agrarian

The Accidental Agrarian is a blog which seems that it took off recently. Its Commentary category is a pure gem. Below please find the link to this site and several excerpts written by Podchef. (more…)

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The Corpus Clock has been invented and designed by Dr John Taylor for Corpus Christi College Cambridge for the exterior of the college’s new library building.

It was unveiled on 19 September by Prof Stephen Hawking, cosmologist and author of the global bestseller, A Brief History of Time.

The £1 million timepiece, known as The Corpus Clock, has been commissioned and designed to honour John Harrison, who was famously the pioneer of Longitude and inventor of the esoteric clock mechanism known as a grasshopper escapement.

The clock has been designed by the inventor and horologist Dr John Taylor and makes ingenious use of the grasshopper escapement, moving it from the inside of the clock to the outside and refashioning it as a Chronophage, or time-eater, which literally devours time.

The Corpus Clock

The Corpus Clock


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Tatja is someone who in the period of the renaissance would have been called homo universalis…a person with interests and skills in many areas: artistic, cultural, mechanical and scientific. As an independent researcher, her studies have taken her into many regions of scientific study. She started early, building an oscilloscope from scratch at age 14.


Edu Wagtelenberg)

Tatja Van Vark. (Photo: Edu Wagtelenberg)

For a living, she worked as a scientific consultant for large technological firms, government and military institutions. Using science and instruments as her tools in her analysis, she studied complex problems to get to the very root cause and offer solutions. In doing so, she has had occasion to explore many areas of study in electronics including power systems, logic systems in relays and electronics. In fact, her in her home she has a complete operating electromechanical telephone and telex switching system.

In the field of cryptology she did work that resulted in the design and construction of an improved version of the famous Enigma cipher machine from World War II. She also worked on aircraft avionics, navigational inertial guidance systems, radar, and weapons control systems. In her home she also has restored a highly complex functional navigational and bombing system from the English Vulcan bomber.

Her work took her into the field of optics, including lens coating by vapor deposition. It also included ventures into organic chemistry with the production of instruments for the pharmacology industry including IR/UV spectrophotometers, analytical and micro balances.

She has also produced working models of historically significant telescopes and other instruments from barometers to polarimeters, although what appear to be simply reproductions often include improvements that have come about through her deep analysis and understanding of the underlying principles of the device. One thing that is constant in all the projects, however, is the stunning craftsmanship, attention to detail and fine finishes that make each piece a pleasure to behold and study. This is made possible in part because she has put together a fine collection of high quality machine tools in her own shop with which she produces these pieces. Following the classical tradition, many of her pieces are signed and dated by the maker: TvV fecit.

To read the complete presentation about Tatja van Vark please visit The Internet Craftsmanship Museum


copyright Tatjana van Vark

copyright Tatjana van Vark

copyright Tatjana van Vark

copyright Tatjana van Vark


please visit Tatijana van Vark‘s website

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